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Ann Poole, President of A/Design International is also Design Director for the multi-service firm she opened in Ft. Lauderdale, FL in 1979.  Ann is recognized for her ability to blend color and materials with interior space planning and lighting to achieve results on time and on budget that keep many clients returning to her with new projects. Her design philosophy focuses on the goals of her individual clients to create spaces that support their activities, values and public image.


Ann became licensed as a professional designer in Florida in 1994, the same year licensing was initiated. A license is obligatory for any person designing spaces to be used by the public. Her associates are graduates of interior design from Florida colleges and participate fully in the services offered by the company though Ann personally oversees all aspects of the design projects in-house. Services include client relations, planning and development, research, budgeting, program presentation and story boards, bid-processing, scheduling, purchasing, on-site monitoring and job accounting. She and her staff are focused on making choices that are appropriate, functional, touchable, maintainable and at times whimsical.



            What Clients Have Said  about Ann…….


                                                  “ ….the complete redecoration of the Watts Chapel under your loving

                                              and competent care has brought great joy to all who come……It is a

                                              masterpiece…One of my greatest recollections is how cooperatively

                                              you worked with me and the other members of our Committee”.


                                                                                         Richard M. Cromie, D.D., Senior Minister of the

                                                                                                First Presbyterian Church of Ft. Lauderdale



Ann Poole,                                                          Design Team:
Florida Registered Interior Designer
                                             Kasia Nalewick, Ann Poole, Sally Miklos
Florida License No.  ID 0000499
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